Mailing List


If you are on our postal mailing list, you will receive our newsletter, The Orange Circle, which is published bi-annually.  No. 1, the Fall issue of each year, describes the upcoming lectures from September through January.  No. 2, the Spring issue of each year, describes the upcoming lectures from February through June.  The Orange Circle also contains forms for submitting membership dues and/or program registration fees.  In addition, you will receive a separate mailing describing our annual Jungian Conference, usually held in the Spring.


If you are on our email list, you will receive an email about a week before each lecture reminding you of the upcoming lecture.  Occasionally, we might send you an email about Club related matters, such as an unexpected cancellation of an event.


Sharing our Mailing List


Please be assured that a decision to share our mailing list with reputable and like-minded organizations is made with due deliberation by our Board.  We take your privacy very seriously. However, the question becomes how to balance this with the mission of the Jung Club, which is to promote an interest in and an understanding of the work of C.G. Jung.  The kinds of groups with which we might decide to share our mailing list are those providing information related to C.G. Jung and/or Jungian Psychology, and about which we have some knowledge.


If you do not want your mailing and/or e-mail address to be shared with anyone, please OPT OUT in one of the following ways:


  • Call the club phone (714 964-5741) and leave a message

  • Write to us at P.O. Box 1812, Orange, CA 92856

  • Fill out, print and send either the Membership Application Form or the Pre-Paid Registration Form, both of which have “do not share” options which you can check off.

  • Send an e-mail indicating your information sharing preference for postal mail, e-mail or both to

To be added to our mailing list use the Membership Application 


To be removed from our mailing list, fill out our Mailing List Removal Form


For address changes, send your address label on which you’ve marked changes to:


Database Administrator

C.G. Jung Club of Orange County

P.O. Box 1812

Orange, CA 92856


or send an email to

or leave a message on the Club phone 714-964-5741

C.G. Jung Club of Orange County    PO Box 1812   Orange, CA 92856   714-964-5741