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Library of the C.G. Jung Club of Orange County


The Club has a library containing books and various forms of media (CDs, cassettes, videotapes, etc.).  All materials are available for lending to Club members only.  (See Membership for information on becoming a member.)


Contact Michael Whyte, the Club Librarian, at to make arrangements for borrowing books from him directly during this period when in-person programs are not being held. 


[Michael brings a select small section of the library to each in-person lecture, available for browsing during the social hour preceding the lecture and during the lecture break.  Members may check out the books they wish to borrow at the lecture.  Borrowed items are due back at the following lecture, or contact the Librarian to renew.]

Borrowed items are due back within three months of check out, or contact the Librarian to renew.

To view a list of our library books (media not included), click one of the following links:


   Books by Author


   Books by Title

("new" indicates new books in our Library as of last revision)

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