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Out of the Shadows:
The Story of Toni Wolff and Emma Jung 

presented by
Patricia Amrhein, PhD, OMD and Julie Sgarzi, PhD

Sunday, January 8th, 2017   3:00 pm ~ 6:00 pm

(this program was not recorded)

This short play written by author and psychotherapist Elizabeth Clark-Stern portrays the complex relationship between Emma Jung and Toni Wolff through a series of imagined conversations spanning 40 years.  The afternoon will include introductory remarks exploring the life and work of both Emma Jung and Toni Wolff, followed by a dramatic reading of the play and a facilitated conversation focusing on the portrayal of both women, their relationship and their important roles in Jung’s life and Jungian psychology. 

Course objectives:

  • Understand and appreciate the unique contribution of both Emma Jung and Toni Wolff to the field of depth psychology and Jung’s work.

  • Explore the the complexity of relationship between these two independent women.

  • Consider the way a creative work like Clark-Stern’s play can shape, distort, or contribute to understanding.

Patricia Amrhein, PhD, OMD, is a Jungian analyst trained in Zurich, Switzerland.  Her Jungian practice integrates traditional Chinese medicine and both Eastern and Western spirituality.


Julie Sgarzi, PhD, holds a doctorate in depth psychology and lectures and writes on contemporary issues from a Jungian and depth-psychological perspective.  She is a past board member of the Philemon Foundation and Opus Archives.

Copies of Out of the Shadows will be available for purchase at the lecture for $15.
The book is also available for purchase from the publisher's online bookstore but save shipping costs by purchasing the book at the lecture.

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