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38th Annual Jungian Conference


The Sailor Cannot See the North:  The Psycho-Spiritual Dilemma of our Time 

Special Guest Speaker:  James Hollis, PhD 


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Saturday,  May 11th,  2013

10:00 AM  ~  5:00 PM


"The sailor cannot see the north, but knows the needle can."

   ~ Emily Dickinson  

What are the sources of guidance for a thoughtful person in our country amid political fractionation, animosity, divisive ideologies, and numbing distractions—a time in which the individual has an enormous summons to social, psychological, and spiritual integrity?  This presentation will challenge the audience to assume responsibility for a thoughtful, discerned, and experientially verified authority, one which bases itself on respect for others, but also embodies a willingness to show up, to be different, to stand for something real.


Participants are invited to bring a notebook and pen for personal reflection.  Consistent with the task above, you will be challenged to discern your own values, be accountable for them, and summon the courage to live them.


James Hollis, PhD is a Zurich-trained Jungian analyst with a private practice in Houston, TX, and author of thirteen books, the latest being What Matters Most: Living a More Considered Life.

James Hollis' website

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