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May 2004 Annual Meeting
Friday Night Lecture


Jung in the 21st Century
The Importance of Jung's Psychology Today

Presented by
Judith Richardson, MA

Friday,  8:00 pm,  May 21st,  2004

Many have seen Jung's psychology as the "third way," the potential mediator between rigid religious ideologies and a purely materialist view of the world.  Building a bridge between these positions, to ultimately create an understanding between them and this "third way," may be the supreme challenge of this century.


The need to discover the transcendent unity that lies beneath cultural and religious differences, the challenge of preserving the mystery and wonder of daily life in an age dominated by technology, the needs of the individual vs. the group: all these themes weigh on, and also excite the imaginations of Jungians today.


Judith Richardson, MA is a Jungian-oriented therapist in Los Angeles whose practice is devoted primarily to those working in the arts.  She has conducted various psychotherapeutic groups combining Jungian methods with those of existential psychology.  Among her interests is the potential impact of Jungian thought on the larger culture.


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