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The Giant Sequoia
My Psyche's Taproot & Protection Against Archetypal Terror 

presented by
Tia Galipeau, MA 

Friday, April 23rd, 2004, 8:00 pm

"Trees, like fishes in the water, represent the living contents of the unconscious… trees have individuality.  A tree, therefore is often a symbol of the personality."

~C. G. Jung  


Following her certification as an analyst, Tia Galipeau began to have surprising encounters with Giant Sequoia trees when hiking in the forest.  She also was visited by powerful tree dreams, bearing images of both the necessary dissolution of old ways of thinking, and the birth of a renewed feminine spirit through the process.


This presentation will explore these inner and outer experiences with trees.  It will be an amplification of the symbolic tree—its roots in the earth and head in the sky—and will look at the mythology, alchemy, folk tales, mystery, and magic that surround this archetype.  Modern arboreal images seen in film and literature will also be included.  It will conclude with the emergence of a modern myth of pilgrimage to an ancient tree, one in which she was fortunate to participate.


Tia Galipeau, MA is a Jungian Analyst with a private practice in Woodland Hills.  She is the Clinical Director of Coldwater Counseling Center in Studio City.  She has lectured on both the Archetype of the Birthing Woman and the Mysteries of the Labyrinth.

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