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Poetry Workshop Series

Lynne Okon Scholnick, LCSW

3 Sundays,   2pm - 4pm
January 25th,  February 1st  and  February 8th

Do you secretly write poems and squirrel them away?  Have you longed to put words to your thoughts and feelings but been reticent to do so?  Perhaps this is your season plant some seeds and trust the organic wisdom of the creative process.  If you have written a poem and are willing to share it, you will have an attentive audience.  We will not critique any poems; no formal didactic lectures will be given.  Together we will cultivate, plant and tend to our own inspiration, and by writing we will nurture our growing garden of poetry.  Lets flourish together in the comfort of our library in Smith Hall. 


We will meet on Sunday afternoons January 18th, January 25th and February 1st  from 2-4 PM.  In the cold of winter, we will prepare for a "springing" forth.


These workshops were led by Lynne Okon Scholnick, LCSW, longtime club member, poetry writer, sculptor and fledgling painter.

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