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Introduction to the
Centerpoint Study Program

Creating Community:
Centerpoint Study Programs
and Other Home Groups

presented by
June Fox 

Friday, November 15th, 2002, 8:00 pm

In response to the many inquires we've had regarding small group study, we are hosting an informal evening at no charge to discuss the Centerpoint Study Program and other home groups.  While the club is not officially involved in sponsoring or sustaining any groups that emerge, we do feel there is a wonderful spirit created by these groups and a depth in friendship and community.


Centerpoint Programs are courses based on Jungian theory and structured for group study.  The Centerpoint Foundation provides the texts for each of three courses: Questpoint, Centerpoint and Vantage Point.  Questpoint introduces the language and basic concepts of ego, shadow, persona, anima/animus, Self and the process of individuation.  Centerpoint explores and expands the dimensions of these concepts in a sequential progression.  Vantage Point is a growing collection of short courses for advanced groups dealing with mythological characters and archetypal patterns.


Members of the group decide the size, place and pace of study.  There is a charge for materials paid directly to the Foundation.  No additional fee is charged.  The groups are leaderless, each person participating equally.  Five to ten people provide enough energy for sustained interest and interaction while still encouraging involvement and participation.


This introduction is presented by June Fox, a long-time member of the Club and the current Membership Chair.  She has hosted a Centerpoint Group in her home for over seven years.


This presentation includes a typical lesson and discussion.  There will be time for questions and course materials will be available for your perusal.


Link to the Educational Center for more Centerpoint information


This event will be held in the Club Library in Smith Hall.
It begins at 8:00 pm.   This is a FREE event.
No registration is necessary, just come for a relaxed evening of study and conversation.

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