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The Animus
in Jung's Time and Today 

Presented by
Claire Douglas, Ph.D. 

February 9, 2001


This presentation will begin with a brief review of J ung's animus theory and its amplification by Emma Jung and other contemporaries.  The evening will then concentrate on the animus in women's psychology today, using clinical vignettes to illustrate his development from foe and trouble-maker to helpful guide and ally.


Claire Douglas, Ph.D. Is a clinical psychologist and a training and supervisory analyst with the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles.  She is the author of Translate This Darkness: The Life of Christiana Morgan, and the editor of C.G. Jung's The Vision Seminars (Princeton University Press, Bollingen Editions, 1997) Dr. Douglas' analytic practice is in Malibu, California.

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