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Soul on the Net:
Psyche and Technology at the Turn of the Millennium

Presented by Dr. Ron Malashock

December 10, 1999


In this "interactive" seminar, Dr. Ron Malashock will explore the emerging world of the Internet, its effects on the psyche, and its implications for the soul of humankind. He will discuss positive and shadow aspects of Cyberspace and Internet communication as well as learning about Analytical Psychology utilizing the World Wide Web. He will challenge us to wrestle with questions such as:

  • "Where is Cyberspace?"

  • "How is it experienced psychologically?"

  • "How is the Internet affecting human relationships?"


Finally, Dr. Malashock will share Jung's late thoughts on developments at the turn of the millennium, and explore their implications for the role of high technology in our age.


Dr. Ron Malashock received his Ph.D. in Psychology from Cornell University. For the past 20 years, he has practiced as a psychologist and Jungian Analyst. He currently practices in San Diego and Beverly Hills and teaches Jungian Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology. He has recently become fascinated by Jung's "late thoughts" on the fate of mankind and how they relate to cutting edge developments in technology and global communication.

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