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Annual Meeting & Lecture:


Self, Selfishness and the Trickster


Presented by Dr. Peter Coukoulis


Friday, May 21, 1999, 8:00 pm


We know how important are individuality, self esteem, and a sense of self worth, but we also know how destructive is egocentric/narcissistic selfishness. We continually get confused or mixed messages between "be ambitious, assertive, and look after your ego wants and needs aggressively" and "be patient, understanding, cooperative in meeting real or projected unreal psychic needs and the needs of those near or around you."


It is essential that we know how to meet the needs of our ego sense of self but also the needs of our total self, inner and outer, and its relationship to the all resourceful and knowing Universal Self.


In this presentation we will deal with how a functional understanding of the trickster archetype can be helpful in avoiding immature and harmful selfishness while in daring, witty, creative and responsible ways we can meet our genuine selfish needs.


Dr. Peter (Pan Pericles) Coukoulis is a clinical psychologist and Jungian psychoanalyst practicing in Newport Beach. He has lectured extensively in this country and abroad on Jungian and other transpersonal psychological topics. He is the author of the book Guru, Psychotherapist and Self. He is the founding president of the C. G. Jung Club of Orange County. 

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