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The Living Psyche:  A Jungian Analysis in Pictures

Presented by . John Porterfield, MFT

Sunday,  4 PM - 6 PM,  January 24th,  2016

(this program was not recorded)

In 1990 Edward Edinger published a little known book entitled, "The Living Psyche: A Jungian Analysis in Pictures,"  based on Edinger's ten years of analysis with Lloyd Burlingame, a top designer of sets, costumes and lighting for Broadway shows and operas.  Edinger's book attempts to demonstrate graphically the reality of the living psyche.  It is based on a series of 104 paintings made by Burlingame which, along with the commentaries by the artist and Dr. Edinger, demonstrate how the psyche evolves when an individual (ego) seriously engages with and responds to the images and themes presented in dream material and through active imagination.  As a result, both are transformed.


In this presentation we will examine 25 powerful paintings that provide an arc and overview of their analytic work, which demonstrates the purpose and meaning to be found in a depth analysis.


John Porterfield, MFT and Jungian analyst, maintains a private practice in the San Fernando Valley, working with individuals and couples.  He is a Training Analyst and past President of the C.G. Jung Study Center of Southern California.  John is available for private sessions in person as well as TeleMental Health via telephone and SKYPE.

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