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Synchronicity, Transformation, and the Miracle of Meaning

Presented by
Cynthia Cavalli, Ph.D.

Sunday,  4 PM - 6 PM,  October 25th,  2015 

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Synchronicity is C.G. Jung's theory of meaningful coincidence, where events are connected not by cause and effect but by meaning.  Meaning is therefore recognized as a connecting principle in addition to cause and effect.  Synchronicities are often more noticeable during challenging life changes and can even guide us through cycles of transformation.  In this talk, we distinguish between human meaning making and the specific phenomenon of meaning found in synchronicity.  We also learn about the basic stages of transformation and how to follow the thread of meaning in real life examples of synchronicity.  Finally, we explore the secret catalyst behind radical transformation and emergence, the experience critical to birthing genuinely new realities.



Cynthia Cavalli, PhD, is a management consultant and executive coach specializing in transformation and change.  Born in India and educated in the United States, Dr. Cavalli’s diverse background includes degrees in human systems, organizational development, business management, and physics, plus three decades of experience in aerospace engineering, management, and strategic development.  Dr. Cavalli offers a unique approach to consulting based on her research in synchronicity and complexity.  As an executive coach, she guides individuals through the uncertain passages of life using shamanic principles, dreams, synchronicity, and mythology.  She resides in Orange County and is passionate about achieving global transformation through personal inner work.

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