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Boyhood:  Richard Linklater and the Sensitive Soul

Presented by Christopher Miller, PhD


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Sunday,  4 PM - 6 PM,  September 27th,  2015

Richard Linklater's critically acclaimed film Boyhood (2014) is his latest paean to what sociologists call the Millennial generation.  This presentation argues that the sociology of generations finds its psychological counterpart in typology, and that Millennials more precisely correspond to the INFP type, or what Jungian analyst John Giannini calls the sensitive soul.  Film clips and director interviews illustrate that the sensitive soul is presently emerging out of the collective unconscious in compensation for an otherwise unhealthy and one-sided heroic orientation to life.


Christopher Miller, PhD, completed his doctoral dissertation at Pacifica Graduate Institute, where he was a student in the Mythological Studies Program.  In addition to working at the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles since 2005, he has also lectured for the Institute and The Analytical Psychology Club of Los Angeles on multiple occasions.  When time allows Christopher writes on depth psychology, cinema, and culture at his monthly blog:

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