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Dream Interpretation:  Roadmap to the Individuation Path

Presented by . Ann Walker, PhD

Sunday,  4 PM - 6 PM,  May 17th,  2015

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C.G. Jung did not talk about a system for analyzing dreams in many places, but he did present a system in Children's Dreams.  This will be presented along with several dreams to illustrate Jung’s Dream Interpretation System. 

We will examine dreams that prepare the dreamer for death, and dreams that point to profound transformation of the psyche.  We will look at dreams that present a conflict that will affect the dreamer for a lifetime.  We will also look at dreams that deal with archetypal evil and how to work with archetypal evil when it arises in the psyche.


Dream Interpretation Schemata


From: C.G. Jung's Children's Dreams


Dream interpretation schema: The dream is a drama taking place on an inner stage.

  • 1. Locale:  Place, time and persons in the dream

  • 2. Exposition:  Development or illustration of the problem

  • 3. Peripateia:  Illustration of the transformation. There can be a dramatic escalation to a climax, building to some changes or to a different perspective that puts the problem into a whole new light. 

  • 4. Lysis:  Result of the dream, meaningful closure. This might be an enigmatic ending, or an ending that suggests a new problem. 


Ann Walker, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, has been a certified Jungian Analyst for 17 years and served on the Board of Directors at the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles.  She is the founding Training Director of the C.G. Jung Study Center, serving as Training Director for six years and President for two years.  She has taught in the Analytic Training Program for the last 12 years and is presently the Admissions Director for the Analytic Training Program.  She has a private practice in West Los Angeles working with individuals in Jungian Analysis and with couples.  She has also been on the editorial board of Psychological Perspectives for 16 years.

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