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The Wolf:

An Ecological Case Study in Demonic Projection

Presented by Steven Galipeau, MA, MDiv

Sunday,  4:00 PM - 6:00 PM,  February 16th,  2014

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No animal reflects our conflict with our own unconscious internal world and our disavowal of our own shadow more profoundly than the wolf.  Wolves have borne the burden of an intense hatred and misunderstanding that has brought their population to near extinction.  In this presentation we will review our history with the wolf, our psychological relationship to this noble creature of the wild, and examine several wolf dreams (including one reported by Jung and one by Freud) to help us differentiate aspects of our inner wolf from the wolf that lives in the wild and our projections onto it.  


In this talk we will analyze our projections on the wolf that have led to our near extermination of this animal, describe the remarkable effects of wolf restoration to its former habitats, and explore the nature of the wolf in dreams and what aspects of human psychology the wolf carries.


Steven Galipeau, MA, MDiv, is a Jungian Analyst in private practice in Calabasas.  He is President and Executive Director of Coldwater Counseling Center in Studio City, a Jungian oriented sliding scale nonprofit.  He makes numerous trips each year to the Giant Sequoia forests of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and in the past few years has been to Alaska and Yellowstone National Park in search of wolves.

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