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The King and the Handmaiden

Presented by
Mandana Chambers, Esq.

Sunday,  2:00 PM - 5:30 PM,  January 26th,  2014

(this program was not recorded)


Many scholars believe that the story of the "King and the Handmaiden," taken from Ibn Sina, the preeminent alchemist of his time, lays the foundation upon which Rumi's entire Mesnevi is based.  Using this tale as an allegory, Rumi tries to demonstrate that materialism is the greatest cause of mankind's alienation from God, and that in order to regain his freedom, man must denounce materialism.  This psychological interpretation seeks to highlight what happens to a culture when the shadow, with its dual aspect, and the Feminine principle are demonized and rejected by the collective ruling principle. 


Mandana Shashani Chambers, Esq. is a Jungian analyst and licensed Research Psychoanalyst in private practice in Pacific Palisades.  A graduate of the Center for Depth Psychology according to C.G. Jung and Marie Louise Von Franz, in Switzerland, she also has a background in law.  She has lectured extensively on fairy tales and contemporary social issues, such as the role of the veil in Islam. 

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