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Parenting as a Spiritual Exercise

Presented by
Nancy Herron

Sunday,  4:00 PM - 6:00 PM,  October 6th,  2013

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Modern parenting relies far too heavily on ego-based psychology.  "Where did I go wrong?" is a classic phrase of parents who forget that a spiritual dimension exists in their relationship to their child.  This lecture will illustrate with stories and images a style of parenting which goes beyond a personalistic point of view to an archetypal point of view.  Examples will include:  What forces outside my consciousness come through me and into my child and vice versa?  How do dreams help with parenting?  What is going on behind the three-year-old's tantrums, the nine-year-old's moods, and the monsters under the child's bed?


Nancy Herron taught for many years before staying at home to parent her two children full-time.  She has lectured for the Analytical Psychology Club of Los Angeles on bird mythology, symbolism and natural history, a mother complex, and parenting.  Her article, "Encounters with Raven," appears in Issue 46 of Psychological Perspectives.

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