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Presented by
Robin Robertson, PhD


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Sunday,  4 PM - 6 PM,  October 14th,  2012



Divination is a way of accessing information without restriction to time or place, usually through the use of symbols.  All divination seems to depend on four conclusions about reality: 

1) There is a better way of gaining information than through the senses
2) There is a fundamental unity to all reality
3) Time is an illusion
4) Evil is mere appearance

This presentation will look at a variety of divinatory methods, and briefly discuss not only how, but possibly why, they work.  Attendees will have a chance to personally experiment with several different divinatory tools.


Robin Robertson, PhD, is a Jungian-oriented clinical psychologist, with roots in psychology, science, business, and the arts.  Author of eight books in psychology, including At the End of Time: Prophecy and The Shadow's Gift: Find Out Who You Really Are.  He serves as a writer and General Editor for Psychological Perspectives, as well as a Consulting Editor and contributor for the journal Cybernetics & Human Knowing. 


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