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Hephaestus: The Shaper Suffers the Shaping

An Exploration of the Creative Life


Presented by. Betty Smith, MA

Sunday,  4 PM - 6 PM,  February 26th,  2012


link to audio file

The oracular voice that rewarded the ancient journey to Dodona or to Delphi is long silent, so that we turn to the psyche in search of a guiding voice.  Dialogue becomes a container of the effort to recapture the eternal voices while the well of dialogue is the solitary self.  In our exploration we engage Hephaestus, the god of creative work, in both the struggle and the satisfaction of his destined path.  In this process we will use Betty Smith's written dialogues. 


Betty Smith, M.A., holds degrees from William Jewell College and Brown University and was a college lecturer in philosophy before myth and the ancient Greek world became her central focus.  Leading mythology seminar tours to Greece has been her special delight.  As director-founder of Poiesis Seminars, she lectures throughout California.  She is the author of Loved by a God, a book on audio cassette, Conversations in South Pasture, and her latest book, The Greek Dialogues: Explorations in Myth. 

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