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Annual Meeting


C.G. Jung’s Red Book Revisited:
Its Content, Message and Psycho-Spiritual Implic

with Dr. Stephan A. Hoeller 

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Saturday, June 4th,  2011


3:00 pm  ~  5:30 pm


(BOOK SALE starts at 1:00 pm) 


In tribute to the 50th Anniversary of Jung’s death (June 6, 1961), Dr. Hoeller will discuss in depth the various layers of meaning in this work known as his Liber Novus, published in October of 2009.  He will evaluate the influence of this work on Jung’s psychological works, his books on alchemy and the psychological types, and his prophetic treatise Aion.  He will refer to Jung’s visionary revelations during his critical illness in 1944.  Dr. Hoeller views Jung also as a modern gnostic prophet whose message is beginning to emerge only at this time.


Dr. Stephan A. Hoeller has been a featured speaker in Los Angeles for over fifty years on a wide range of subjects relating to C.G. Jung.  He is author of The Gnostic Jung and the Lost Gospels and other books related to Jung.  Dr. Hoeller is bishop of the Ecclesia Gnostica, a church of the gnostic tradition with branches in the western U.S. and Director of Studies of the Gnostic Society in Southern California.  He has presented a thirteen-lecture exegesis of the Red Book and another lecture series on the art work in that book and its impact on other disciplines.  Both series are available from his website at


Link to Dr. Hoeller's website 

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