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Basic Jung:  Three Essentials:


Understanding Your Dreams,
A Closer Examination of Individuation,
and Self-Knowledge & the Problem of Evil


Presented by
William Grevatt Ed.D.
Stephen Kenneally, MA, MFT
and  John Porterfield, MA, MFT 

3 Sundays,  4:00 pm  to  6:00 pm
March 13th,  March 20th,  and  March 27th, 2011


Sunday,  March 13th,  2011,  4:00 ~ 6:00 PM
(Daylight Savings Time begins today)

Understanding Your Dreams
Presented by William Grevatt Ed.D.

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Dreams can balance our conscious attitude toward life, enrich our sense of self, and connect us with the ancient and timeless Reality of life itself.  We will explore how to establish and maintain a relationship with this ever-present stream of experience toward increasing the depth of our humanness.  Dreams give us an opportunity to live symbolically, embracing the richness of the soul...our own soulfulness, as well as the soul of the world.  You might want to bring one dream that you would feel comfortable sharing, and a pen and paper for ‘working’ on the dream.


William Grevatt Ed.D., is a Jungian Analyst practicing in Santa Monica and Whittier.  He completed his Jungian training at the C.G. Jung Study Center in Santa Monica where he is currently a training analyst and board member.  His research interests in depth psychology include dream interpretation, depth psychology and theoretical physics, and exploring the psyche in the middle ages.  He has presented at the Orange County Jung Club in the past including a day long workshop entitled "The Anatomy of a Mid-Life Crisis" in 2008.


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Sunday,  March 20th,  2011,  4:00 ~ 6:00 PM

A Closer Examination of Individuation
Presented by Stephen Kenneally, MA, MFT

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Individuation, the lifelong development of the personality, is central to Jung’s psychology.  It is the process of becoming the person one is innately meant to be.  While aspects of this concept have been embraced by popular culture, the true depth and scope of Jung’s theory requires a much closer examination.  Rather than merely describing a glorified version of self-improvement, individuation describes a far more intricate process of self-realization and transformation. We will explore the rich aspects of this theory, the integral role that shadow plays, the animus/anima, the Self, dreams and active imagination.


In addition, we will examine some archetypal material that illuminates this process.

Stephen Kenneally, MA, MFT,, has been involved with Jungian work for over 20 years.  In addition to his training at the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles, he lived for 2 years at the Shalom Retreat Center, an archetypally based experiential retreat center guided by the works of Jung.  Prior to becoming a psychotherapist he worked as an investment banker in New York where he encountered firsthand the perils of work not aligned with the soul.  He currently has a private practice in Santa Monica and teaches at Antioch University and Counseling West.


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Sunday,  March 27th,  2011,  4:00 ~ 6:00 PM

Self-Knowledge & the Problem of Evil
Presented by John Porterfield, MA, MFT

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Evil is a problem that none of us can avoid.  This “dark side of reality” is not going to go away.  In fact, it may be on the increase.  The question of how to respond and relate to the presence of evil is a difficult one.  Our instincts will suggest “fight or flight,” but what else might we do as conscious individuals?  The answers we find may determine our fate.  As


Jung has said,

The individual who wishes to have an answer to the problem of evil, as it is posed today, has need, first and foremost of self-knowledge.  He must know relentlessly how much good he can do, and what crimes he is capable of, and must beware of regarding the one as the real and the other as illusion.  Both are elements within his nature.


John Porterfield, MA, MFT, trained at the C.G. Jung Institute in Los Angeles and was the first analyst to be certified by the C.G. Jung Study Center, where he currently serves as a training analyst, and President.  Prior to this, he wrote more than 500 produced episodes of daytime television for such shows as General Hospital and The Bold and The Beautiful.  John has a private practice in Sherman Oaks.


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