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Friendship and Healing:
The Dreams of John Adams and Benjamin Rush


Presented by
Sheila Dickman Zarrow, Ph.D.

Sunday,  4 PM - 6 PM,  November 14th,  2010


(recording not available)

In her recently published book Friendship and Healing: The Dreams of John Adams and Benjamin Rush, Dr. Zarrow examines the troubles that beset two of America's founding fathers, and how they coped with them by exchanging their dreams in letters to one another.


Dreams have meaning well beyond the personal and the present.  They have qualities, roots, and tendrils that stretch throughout the unseen, unknown, inner world of our psyches.  There, while we sleep, they make connections between our own lives and those of others throughout history, mythology, and the eternal in all its forms.  As the story unfolds, we will learn of Adams' and Rush's visits in her own dreams, and how their friendship was also healing to her more than two hundred years later.


Sheila Dickman Zarrow, PhD, is a psychologist and Jungian analyst in practice in Calabasas.  She is one of the founding members of the C.G. Jung Study Center of Southern California where she is a training analyst.  She has published articles in Psychological Perspectives, the Jungian Journal of Theory and Practice, and the Journal of Sandplay.  She has presented papers at local, national, and international conferences.  It has been about fifteen years or so since she presented to us in Orange County and is very happy to be invited back. 

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