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Basic Jung:


Transforming the Psyche with Active Imagination and Sandplay


Presented by
Gilda Frantz,  Katherine Sanford  and  Hariet Friedman 


3 Sundays,  at  4:00 pm


February 11th,  February 25th  and  March 11th


"If we look inward, the 'other' looks at us too, but with a strange faraway eye."
~ Marie-Louise von Franz  


"The greatest use of active imagination is to put us… into harmony with the Tao, so that the right things may happen around us instead of the wrong."
~ Barbara Hannah  


How do the classical Jungian methods of Active Imagination and Sandplay bring us into harmony with the Self?  Sharing the experience of these three esteemed senior Jungian analysts, this lecture series will explore how these methods assist in the process of healing, growth and the transformation of the psyche.


Sunday,  February 11th,  2007,  4:00 ~ 6:00 PM

Active Imagination and the Inner Guide


Presented by Gilda Frantz


Mrs. Frantz will speak about one way to create a conscious relationship between the ego and the archetype.  By activating the creative imagination, we can develop a deeper relationship to the self, as well as find an inner guide.  Bring writing paper as we may do an exercise in spontaneous creativity.


Gilda Frantz, MA, MFT, is a graduate of the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles where she also served as president and sat on various committees throughout the years.  She has lectured in many Jungian centers throughout the country and abroad.  Currently she is a member of the Board of Directors of the Philemon Foundation.


Sunday,  February 25th,  2007,  4:00 ~ 6:00 PM


The Serpent and the Cross:  Healing the Split through Active Imagination
Presented by Katherine Sanford


Using active imagination, Katherine Sanford did the slow and steady psychological work on the early loss of her mother and her responses to that loss.  Her resultant paintings and writings represent a dialogue with the soul and document a heroic psychic struggle to understand and relate to some of the darkest elements of the personal and collective unconscious.  In this presentation, we will see slides of her stirring archetypal paintings completed over the course of thirty years of active imagination.


Katherine M. Sanford, MA, MFT, studied at the Jung Institute in Zurich in the mid-1950's and trained at the C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles where she received her certification as a Jungian analyst in 1978.  She is a founding member of Friends of Jung, San Diego and has a practice in Del Mar.  Her new book, The Serpent and the Cross, was published during her 89th year and will be for sale at the event.


Sunday,  March 11th,  2007,  4:00 ~ 6:00 PM

Blood Mysteries: Life Transitions in Sandplay


Presented by Hariet Friedman


Sandplay enhances our understanding of the psyche and facilitates healing at the deepest levels.  As we observe the non-verbal and symbolic world of Sandplay unfold, we are able to view archetypal patterns that transcend language.  This presentation will explore Blood Mysteries, that is, rites of passage through womanhood as examples of life transitions viewed in actual Sandplay case studies.  Men and women alike will find resonance with the content to be found in the sand.


Harriet S. Friedman, MA, MFT, Jungian analyst, is a certified Sandplay therapist who has lectured internationally on integrating Sandplay and Jungian psychology.  She is past president of the Board of Sandplay Therapists of America, faculty member of the Jung Institute of Los Angeles, and co-author of Sandplay: Past, Present and Future.

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