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Exploring the Film: Y Tu Mamá También
Coming of Age Through the Feminine

presented by
Cydny Urbina Rothe, LCSW 


Sunday,  4:00 ~ 6:00 PM


November 5th,  2006

Mythic as well as sexually explicit, frank and unadorned, this visually beautiful film is grounded in the earthy, close relationship between two young men.  Poised between childhood and adulthood, they embark on a road trip in pursuit of sexual adventure with an attractive, mature woman.  As they submit their naïve sexual impulses to the schooling of this woman, their undeveloped relationship to the feminine undergoes a transformation; they suffer a loss of innocence but acquire a bit of wisdom.  Using film clips, we will immerse ourselves in the dry, primitive beauty of Mexico, a beauty which honors imperfection and a soulful connection to the ravages of time and poverty.


Please be advised of the sexually frank nature of this film.  Attendees are advised to view the film before the talk.


Cydny Urbina Rothe, LCSW is a Jungian Analyst in private practice in Pasadena and is interested in culture, ethnicity, film and politics as they relate to analytical psychology.

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