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Basic Jung:
Some Essentials of Analytical Psychology

This series of three presentations is intended to introduce basic Jungian concepts, theories and ideas, or to deepen existing knowledge.  Each lecture is presented by a local Jungian analyst.

Sunday,  April 2nd,  2006,  4:00 ~ 6:00 PM


Anima & Animus


Led by
Cydny Rothe, LCSW


Differentiating and relating to the contra-sexual element of one's own psyche is essential in establishing a dialogue of mutuality with the unconscious.  The development of a woman's mind, initiative, courage, objectivity and spiritual wisdom… the development of a man's strength in facing his emotions in a related, respectful way, as well as his ability to stay fully engaged in life… these are the fruits of psychological work with the anima and animus.

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