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A Musical Meditation on Spiritual Evolution and Transcendence


presented by
Seth Osburn 

Friday, February 11th, 2005
8:00 pm

In this program, pianist and composer Seth Osburn will discuss his original composition, SEVEN, a solo piece based on the seven stages of alchemical transformation.  He composed SEVEN during two years of intense research and meditation, and will discuss the ways in which his study of alchemy and related disciplines influenced the unique musical language of this work.  He will also convey the key themes, symbols, and psychological progression inherent in each of the seven alchemical stages.  The program will conclude with a performance of SEVEN, a forty-minute composition for piano that is a musical meditation on spiritual evolution and transcendence.


Seth Osburn is a professional pianist and composer living in Los Angeles.  A classically trained musician, he also has extensive experience in other genres, including new age, musical theatre, jazz, and pop.  He has played in some of the nation's top venues including Radio City Music Hall, the Kennedy Center, and the Hollywood Bowl.  SEVEN is his first solo album.


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