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Francis of Assisi:
A Psycho-Spiritual Biography


Presented by
David Bona, Ph.D.


Saturday, January 29th, 2005, 9:00 am ~ 1:00 pm


During Saturday's workshop, we will further explore the life and individuation process of Francis of Assisi.  There will also be and opportunity for participants to explore their own spiritual autobiography and share it with the group if so inclined.

David Bona, Ph.D. spent 25 years as a Capuchin-Franciscan Catholic priest and has MAs in Theology, Divinity, and Education and a PhD in clinical Psychology.  He is a Franciscan scholar whose dissertation was on the dreams of St. Francis and is currently writing a book on Francis's life from the perspective of Depth Psychology.  He is presently Chair of the MA/PhD Depth Psychology Program at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

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