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Francis of Assisi:
A Wise Man Who Is Mad?
Or a Madman Who is Wise?


Presented by
David Bona, Ph.D.
Friday, January 28th, 2005, 8:00 pm

Francis rides out of Assisi to do battle.  He is a young man of privilege.  His Parents are proud and cheer as he rides away.  Five years later, Francis stands naked in the town square before his father and the Bishop of Assisi.  His father is so angry he disowns his son publicly.  Standing before the people of Assisi, Francis responds, "Now I say with complete freedom, Our Father who art in heaven."  Twenty years later, Francis is on a mountaintop deep in prayer.  A ball of fire falls from heaven and standing before him is an angel in the image of Jesus nailed to a cross.  Francis is filled with both terror and immense joy.  Suddenly, rays of light from the image pierce his hands, feet and side.  He falls to the ground in pain.  When he awakes, the marks of Jesus are permanently imprinted on his body.

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