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Tales from a Visionary Life:
Meet Gerald McDermott 

Friday, September 17th, 2004, 8:00 pm

"Whenever conscious life becomes one-sided or adopts a false attitude, [archetypal] images "instinctively" rise to the surface in dreams and in the visions of artists and seers to restore the psychic balance, whether of the individual or of the epoch."

~C. G. Jung  


Gerald McDermott is a visionary storyteller and interpreter of the human spirit.  As an accomplished artist, he combines colorful illustrations with mythopoetic tales, bringing the power of myth into the lives of his readers, young and old.  As a mythic mentor, he has shared his visionary gifts with educators and the children of the Southwest Pueblos.  In this very special event, he will weave tales and speak of his experience as an artist and longtime friend of Joseph Campbell.  He will guide us through the visions from his glorious storybooks and lead us among the archetypal images that bring balance and mystery into the daylight of our contemporary lives.


A Pratt Institute graduate,Gerald McDermott has created over twenty-five beautiful books and animated films during his long career.   Included in his many honors is the Caldecott Medal for Arrow to the Sun: A Pueblo Indian Tale.  His most recent publication, Creation, is a visual meditation on the creation story from Genesis.  He is a Joseph Campbell Foundation Fellow and a leader of workshops at the Esalen Institute.


Link to Gerald McDermott's website

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