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The Holy Longing:  The Hidden Power of Spiritual Yearning 

presented by
Connie Zweig, Ph.D. 

Friday, October 17th, 2003
8:00 pm

If you feel disillusioned with traditional religions but long to rekindle the flame of faith or are disheartened by spiritual teachers and practices yet still yearn for the divine, you are not alone. This holy longing for something transcendent - a secret feeling with many disguises - urges us to follow it. If we project it onto lovers, teachers, food, sex, or drugs, it will lead us astray. But if we align with it, our longing will lead us toward home. In her counseling work with clients from every religious denomination, Dr. Zwieg found that this universal yearning lies hidden at the source of our life stories. In this lecture Dr. Zwieg will help us to learn to identify our yearning, to honor the restlessness of the soul rather than resist it and see how this holy longing points the way home.


Connie Zweig, Ph.D., is a Jungian-oriented therapist and spiritual counselor in Los Angeles. She specializes in shadow-work, spiritual issues, and writers wrestling with the muse. Dr. Zweig leads seminars nationwide on the shadow and on writing as soul work. She is co-author of Meeting the Shadow, Romancing the Shadow, and the author of a new book The Holy Longing.

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