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Listening:  Psyche & Music

Presented by Karlyn Ward, Ph.D.


Friday, April 19th, 2002
8:00 pm


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"Music expresses in sounds what fantasies and visions express in visual imagery..."

~C. G. Jung  

Music has the ability to arouse visual imagery, dance, drama architecture, and all the emotions.  Sound and music are part of our earliest awareness and experience psychologically, biologically, historically, and culturally.  Yet, sound and music, connected as they are with the receptive sense of hearing and listening, are little explored by the listening professions.


After having the power of music demonstrated to him, C.G. Jung is quoted as saying, "This opens up whole new avenues of research I'd never even dreamed of... I feel that from now on music should be an essential part of every analysis."  This lecture will explore the fundamental relationship of psyche, sound, and music in lecture, image, music, and experience.


Karlyn Ward, Ph.D. , LCSW, BCD, is a Jungian analyst in private practice in Mill Valley, California, and a member of the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco.  She is on the adjunct faculty of the Pacific School of Religion, one of the consortium of schools in the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley.  Her doctoral dissertation was a cross-cultural study exploring music, image and affect in response to Western classical and Chinese classical music.

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