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The Mysteries of Mythic Stories 

Presented by
Jonathan Young, Ph.D. 

November 2, 2001


From the realm of dream and fantasy, comes the enchanting tale of The Talking Eggs, a Bayou yarn about coping with times of trouble.  In a spirit of play, we follow this magical story to learn more about the journey to wholeness.  This initiatory adventure comes from the Cajun and Creole traditions of Louisiana.  We follow the travels of a young girl who gets a chance to visit the wise old woman of the woods.


There are times in our lives when it seems as if we have wandered off the path into unfamiliar places.  At such moments, mythic stories can offer guidance.  They show us the significance of dimensions beyond ordinary experience.  The key is in reading the psychological symbolism of the imagery in these tales.  Dr. Young draws on this work with Joseph Campbell and uses the ideas of C.G. Jung to discuss how timeless stories can help us on our own journeys.  Listen and hear what wisdom tales can teach us about the riches of the inner life.  In this evening of story telling and conversation we explore the ways of the soul.


Jonathan Young, Ph.D. storyteller and psychologist, assisted Joseph Campbell Archives & Library from 1990-1995.  His recent book is SAGA: Best New Writings on Mythology.  Dr. Young created and chaired the Mythological Studies Dept. at the Pacifica Graduate Institute and now gives courses for psychotherapists through the Center for Story and Symbol in Santa Barbara.  Their website address is

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