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Deviance, Diversity and the Anima 

presented by
Barry Miller, Ph.D. 

February 23, 2001


Dr. Miller will explore the construction of sexual desire and the function of the anima in establishing psychological meaning in sexuality.  From the perspective of analytical psychology, the pursuit of the meaning of sexual desire and fantasy leads to an understanding of the individual and the evolutionary needs of that individual.  However, this can often clash with the belief systems held by a culture intent on eliminating deviance.  Even today, when sexuality is being perceived as an expression of diversity to be accepted, the effect may still be to alienate the individual from the meaning of his or her own sexuality.  Dreams and fantasies will be used to illustrate the process of making conscious the demands of psyche embedded in states of desire.


Barry Miller, Ph.D. has taught at UC Berkley and Rutgers University.  Certified as an analyst in 1983 by the C.G. Jung Institute in Los Angeles, he has made presentations on the transference, gay identity and sexual deviance.

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