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The "Book of Job," Jung's Response To It,
And The Implications For Us Today 

Presented by
Reverend Christan Amundsen 

November 10, 2000

Jung's Answer to Job is perhaps one of his most controversial works. Written not as a "cool and carefully considered exegesis," but rather as a "subjective reaction" to the text, Jung raises disturbing questions about the nature of the Western idea of God and about Christianity's apparent unwillingness to come to terms with "divine savagery and ruthlessness."


In no other work is C.G. Jung more plain spoken, blunt and to the point. With honesty not typical of many scholarly works, Jung reveals his own heart and soul. He also leads us on a journey of spiritual discovery with the rigor of his questions.

In this presentation, Rev. Christan Amundsen, Gnostic Minister, author and psychotherapist, takes a careful look at the Book of Job itself, Jung's response, and the implications for post-modern people.


Christan Amundsen, M.Th., M.A. Is a psychotherapist in private practice in Dallas, Texas and is the author of Illumination: A Gnostic Handbook, and Insights from the Secret Teachings of Jesus: The Gospel of Thomas.

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